2. Ensure Your Pool Fence Is Legal

Complying with the new Qld Pool Fence Regulations can be challenging. The pool safety laws are in place to minimise the risk of drowning and possible injuries that occur from immersion in a swimming pool. As a pool owner or potential pool owner, you must maintain your pool fence and abide by the pool fence inspection and safety standards.

Whether you’re a pool owner or you manage a shared pool, you should check the current legal requirements and then download our Pool Fence Safety Checklist to ensure your pool complies.

Freshwater Pool Safety Inspections (FPSI) will inspect your pool and either issue you with either (1) a pool safety certificate or (2) a non-compliance notice. If your pool passes the first inspection a (1) pool safety certification will be issued within 2 days.

If you have any non-compliant areas you will be issued with a report within 2 days of the first inspection. That will explain the issues in detail, with photos what needs to be repaired, replaced or adjusted and bought up to an acceptable standard. This will need to be done within 90 days after the initial inspection to attain a successful re-inspection.

A pool safety inspection will help you understand how to rectify any issues with fences, gates and barriers and minimize the risk of drowning and injuries that occur from immersion.

Our first pool inspection will help you understand how to rectify and maintain your pool fence, gates and barriers. This will make any further inspections simpler and minimize maintenance issues and costs for you as well.

FPSI are offering these services at a competitive commercial price, so please call us today to discuss your situation.

At FPSI we have a passion for safety and we’ll do whatever we can to help all our customers to comply to existing QLD pool safety initiatives. Statistic show the new pool fence regulations are working and immersion incident numbers are on a welcome downward trend in QLD.