Body Corporates

Body Corporate Managers have special legal obligations and new responsibility to their owners under the new Qld pool safety & compliance regulations. It is now necessary for you to arrange a pool safety inspection if:

  1. One of the lot owners chooses to sell a unit
  2. One of the lot owners enters into a rental agreement with a new or existing tenant

A lot owner may not be able to settle the sale of their unit without a current Certificate of Compliance, or may not be able to rent a unit to tenants, without risking fines or penalties.

There are “Phase-in” periods, but you will be burdened by the need to complete disclosure documentation, in the Government-Prescribed form, if you choose to sell or lease without a Pool Safety Certificate.

You will also be carrying liability risks if a child drowns in a non-complying pool.

Don’t wait until one of your lot owners wants to sell or lease. Arrange a pool inspection and secure your  12 month Compliance Certificate now.

There is currently enormous demand for Pool Fence Inspections, so help your lot owners avoid frustrating delays waiting for a pool inspection before they can sell or lease their unit. Book your Body Corporate Building shared pool inspection with Freshwater Pool Safety Inspections now.

Special Pool Safety & Compliance Services For Body Corporate Managers:

  • Fast turn around. We understand you have a responsibility to your property owners and you need ot balance keeping with meeting legal obligations, so we’ll work with you to expedite your inspection and issue your compliance certificate.
  • Plain English Reports. If there are any issues that need to be addressed, we’ll provide easy to follow instructions and practical advice to ensure you are able to get your pool safety barrier 100% compliant with minimum cost in the fastest time possible.
  • Free Renewal Reminders. We’ll add your business to our free Shared Pool Register, so we can contact you with plenty of warning before your current certificate expires, and arrange the necessary re-inspection.