Real Estate Agents

The Queensland Government has made it necessary, from 1st December 2010, for a Seller to arrange a Pool Safety Inspection and obtain a Pool Safety Compliance Certificate, to confirm that the pool fence complies with the new Pool Safety Standards.

A Compliance Certificate is required by the time of Settlement so to avoid any disruptions you should always advise your clients to get a Certificate as soon as you list a property or at the latest, when a Contract of Sale is signed.

The Buyer can choose to accept the responsibility for getting the Certificate, and extend the time period to 90 days past settlement, but in that situation the Seller needs to complete disclosure documentation, in the prescribed form, to provide to the Buyer and the Pool Safety Commissioner…… all of which is extra and unnecessary work, and possibly problematic for the easy completion of the sale.

If the pool turns out to be non-compliant then the Buyer may not want to sign a contract if repairs or upgrades of the pool fence have not been carried out, so don’t risk the contract crashing! Talk to Freshwater Pool Safety Inspections today.

Special Pool Safety Considerations for Property Managers

You are no doubt aware that a new tenant cannot sign a new lease and move in to the property without you first having a Compliance Certificate. There are big fines for non-compliance and the Government has declared there is no grace period.

What you might have missed is, an existing tenant cannot renew a lease either, without you first having a Compliance Certificate. Again… there is no grace period on this part of the pool safety legislation!

So you need to plan ahead on this one to avoid delays that could be quite costly…

The Queensland Government expects that more than 45,000 inspections per year will be required under the legislation, so don’t let your clients face delays waiting for a pool fence inspection before they can sell their property, and don’t risk the contract crashing.

Pre-book a pool fence inspection with Freshwater Pool Safety Inspections as soon as a Contract of Sale is signed.

For Property Managers, pre-book your tenancy expiry dates with Freshwater PSI in advance so you don’t risk losing income for your client.

When the certificate is due to expire in 2 years, we will automatically send an email to remind you… what could be easier!

Special Pool Safety Services For Real Estate Agents:

  • Fast Turn Around. We understand that once you connect a buyer with a vendor, you don’t want anything to slow down a sale or give anyone second thoughts, so we’ll expedite a pre-sale inspection and issuing a Pool Safety Certificate.
  • Plain English Reports. If there are any issues that need to be addressed, we’ll provide easy to follow instructions and practical advice to ensure your vendor is able to get your pool safety barrier 100% compliant with minimum cost in the fastest time possible.
  • Free Renewal Reminders. We can even add your rental properties to our free Shared Pool Register, so we can contact you with plenty of warning before the current certificate expires, and arrange the necessary re-inspection.