1. Register Your Pool

If you haven’t already registered your swimming pool, you need to attend to this ASAP. Penalties of up to $2 000 may apply if you don’t!

Pool owners had until 4 November 2011 to register their pool. Penalties of up to $2 000 may apply after that date, so if you haven’t done this, please talk to us immediately.

Alternatively, you can register your pool on the Qld Pool Registry here. You’ll be prompted to enter your address and then a few details of your pool.

If you’re not sure if your pool has been registered, you can use the same page to search the pool safety register database here. If you don’t find your address, your details will be added. If you do find you’re already registered, then you can move on to our checklist to ensure your pool safety barrier is compliant with all current legislation.